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At Neachai, we offer a unique line of Ayurvedic products specifically formulated for horses, focusing on prevention and well-being to ensure the optimal health of your equine companions. Our innovative solutions embrace ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and scientific research, targeting equine wellness with effective, evidence-based formulations

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The Foundation Of Our Ayurvedic Products For Horses Lies In The Principle Of Prevention – Addressing Potential Health Issues Before They Evolve Into Significant Problems. Our Holistic Approach Aims To Create A Balanced State Of Equine Health By Strengthening The Immune System, Enhancing Digestion And Absorption Of Nutrients, While Promoting Overall Vitality And Resilience.


Our Carefully Curated Range Of Ayurvedic Products Addresses Various Aspects Of Equine Wellness, Such As Digestion Support, Joint Health, Respiratory Function, Immune System Strength, Stress Relief, And Metabolic And Inflammation Reduction. We Understand The Unique Needs Of Horses And Strive To Provide Well-Rounded Solutions That Cater To Their Overall Well-Being – Be It Recovery From Illness Or Maintaining Peak Performance Levels During Training Or Competition.


Our Commitment To Quality And Effectiveness Drives Us To Provide Evidence-Based Formulations Rooted In Years Of Research. Our Herbs Are Sustainably Sourced And Tested For Safety, Efficacy, And Adherence To The Principles Of Ayurveda.

About Neachai Products

We take pride in our commitment to delivering utmost precision and quality in all of our Wellness Products. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, our products are made individually, ensuring they contain the precise active ingredients. By adopting this approach, we guarantee the highest quality and consistency every time.

Additionally, our herb blends are pre-packaged in convenient daily doses. We understand the importance of accurate dosing, which is why we have designed our blends to eliminate any guesswork. Each package contains a carefully measured dosage, providing both ease of use and the reassurance that your horse is receiving the appropriate amount of herbs for their specific needs.

“Ayurveda will be known as the most supremely evolved system of perfect health - from both points of view. prevention and cure.”

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Neachai Ayurveda Products

At Neachai, we believe your animal deserves the very best opportunity for health and wellness. Our commitment to provide you with the highest quality herbs and products is the cornerstone of our mission.

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