Some Kind Words

Sue Piggins

I love the pony puffed Creamsicle shampoo! It smells soooo good and it makes me happy to know that I am using a product that is safe and natural on my two boys. It lathers up nicely and rinses easily and leaves a lovely shine. Would love to try one of the Holiday scents! I’m sure they smell great! Thank you for the chance to win. I have also used the hoof oil and bacterial wash. Great products you can use with confidence!

Paige Frodsham

I use just about ALL of the products I can get my hands on with all the horses in the barn! The Dublin dip has worked wonders for horses with mud fever and cuts, the Fortrix Cyto-Paste + Belfast Brew + Kollagen Konnect for all my leg care & first aid, and for my everyday grooming the Screamin Clean, Pony Puffed coat conditioner, and Mane Mender are all essential! Can’t get enough of these products and how useful they have been! Can’t wait to add more to my collection!!

I met Theresa several years ago. I was researching alternative therapies for my competition horses as I was not getting the total body support I was looking for through the normal chiropractor, massage therapy avenues that I had access to. As Theresa is located more than 2 hours away from my training facility I invited her out to do an educational clinic and some demonstration work on several horses at my barn.

Melanie Thomson | Dressage

I have owned my horse Dalton for 20 years. At the age of 5 he developed allergies during the summer. They started off as hives all over his body which were controlled by dexamethasone and medicated shampoo’s. As he aged, the hives continued but his condition in the warmer months persisted to decline leaving him with open, bloody wounds on his face and legs. He foundered 10 years ago so any steroidal assistance was now forbidden.

Abbey Simbrow | Dressage

Ariel Brown

My boy had very bad hoofs and was having lameness issues because he had next to no soul on his one hoof so I messaged and asked about a supplement plus using their hoof oil and I’m happy to say my boy been sound for almost a full year now thanks to the supplement kick starting he’s growth and a different shoeing plan, now I have a very happy 19 year old.

Janine Van Oostrum

Flo and I love our dublin dip, and mane mender. Mane mender is the only product that revives her mane and tail in the winter, when it’s always under a blanket. Dublin dip is my go to with her sensitive skin. We also have collagen connect, and bacterial wash on hand at all times!

Lacey Cresswell

After several years dealing with a sarcoid and no one able to help me and countless products used I finally found Neachai(Theresa) and after only 2 weeks of feeding her a custom herbal blend and applying Dublin dip to the sarcoid I could see changes happening. It took about a year but it came off and it has been prob without it coming back.

Sarah Leonard McDonald

This pony is healthier and able to be ridden because of Theresa at Neachai. He has severe heaves and allergies and had been managed with steroids when we got him. We got him through his steroid withdrawal and his health has improved in the last year to where he barely needs any steroids except during high allergy season. We have adjusted his program with a custom blend to help his gut health/allergies along with his heaves. Looking forward to seeing the results in the 2023 season! Thank you for all you help, we can feel just how much you care about our equines!

Sarah Tackaberry

When I adopted a mini who had hair loss, lice and scabs all over his body the Dublin Dip made a huge difference within days. 2 weeks later the fur was growing back and the scabs were almost completely gone. I also noticed it seemed to keep the lice away from the areas I applied it. I recommend Dublin Dip to everyone, and my other favourite products are the Mane Mender and Pot of Gold (although admittedly I use the Pot of Gold for myself mostly LOL). You have great products that work, but most importantly they are SAFE and gentle!

Miranda Trudeau

I had a custom blend made for my young Wbs severe black fly allergy. He would get hives and all his hair would fall out on the bites. We tried everything! Steroids, antihistamine, blanketing and medicated bathing. After his Neachai he was healing from inside out! His next bug season after treatment was so much better. Instead of hundreds of itchy bites he had maybe 20-30…he looked like a different horse. His coat is shiny and he looks amazing.


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