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Dileacha is a comprehensive solution for the equine gut designed to support the entire digestive process of horses. It aids in efficient nutrient absorption and assimilation, ensuring that your horse's body receives the vital nourishment it needs. Our proprietary formula promotes balanced gut flora, fostering a stable and healthy microbial environment in the digestive tract while protecting the integrity of intestinal mucus membranes. By reducing hyperacidity and inflammation, Dileacha's equine gut health product mitigates the risk of ulcers that can threaten your horse's overall well-being.

Each version contains herbs that support the distinct digestive physiologies governed by the horses constitution.

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Coriander stimulates the metabolism and the carminative action aids in cases of IBS and colic. Pitta produces digestive enzymes and acids that break down food within the GI tract, the addition of Anantmool is used to control the heat and repair damage to the mucous membranes from inflammation. Amla’s potent antacid properties help to neutralize excess stomach acid and provide relief from digestive sensitivity, gastritis while Licorice is used for peptic, gastric and duodenal ulcers.


Ginger, fennel and Cumin regulate the movement of food through the intestines and waste elimination,preventing gas and bloating. Chitrak stimulates ‘agni’ ,stimulating appetite and powering up the digestive enzymes. Marshmallow is used to protect the mucosal layers of the stomach preventing ulcers and inflammation.


Kapha manages the secretion of mucus, which protects the lining of the stomach and intestines. The warming and drying properties of Ajwain are used to prevent excess mucus causing sluggish digestion. Haritaki modulates the gut microbiome and encourages the growth of beneficial Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus while hindering undesirable gut microbes' growth. Ginger, black cumin, and lemongrass work synergistically to support a healthy large intestine, promote increased appetite, and gently aid in the elimination of undigested toxins in tissues that cause intestinal permeability.

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