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Kollagen Konnect

Kollagen Konnect

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Kollagen Konnect is your ultimate ally against acute bone and tendon injuries, providing rapid relief of pain and inflammation and expediting the healing process.

Our liniment delivers powerful ingredients backed by science and suspended in transdermal magnesium oil to provide superior absorption into tissues at a rate of 90% or more. Magnesium plays a crucial role in bone health – supporting structural development, maintaining strength, and reducing the risk of injury.

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Kollagen II-xs, a highly bioavailable form of collagen peptides that have been scientifically proven to stimulate the growth of new collagen and increase synovial fluid production. Increased collagen synthesis promotes the repair and regeneration of connective tissue, while greater synovial fluid aids in lubrication, improving joint function and reducing discomfort.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and Boswellia extract, which together offer comprehensive support for your muscles and joints. MSM helps to prevent inflammation-induced muscle damage while Boswellia works to protect joint cartilage from breaking down. By preserving the body's natural structural integrity, these two ingredients ensure your joints remain healthy and mobile.

To facilitate cellular regrowth in bone and other connective tissue, we've incorporated Allantoin which also promotes cell proliferation and differentiation in injured tissues, expediting the healing process.

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Between prevention and maintenance lies disease. In Ayurveda, the stage of active pathologies expressed as symptoms is referred to as a Vikriti (Phenotype). It represents the body's expression of all that is in unrest, such as skin diseases, recurrent respiratory issues, behavioral concerns, and perpetual ulcers.

A custom protocol is needed when there is an existing condition which is not responding to allopathic treatment or when there is a need for a more specific approach.