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Mellow Mouth

Mellow Mouth

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Never Struggle to Bridle Your Horse Again

Say goodbye to the challenges of bridling your horse with this natural softening formula. Specially designed to encourage bit acceptance and soften even the toughest mouths, your horse will not only enjoy the smell and taste but also feel relaxed and comfortable.

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To use, simply apply the formula directly on the corner of your horse's mouth and on the bit. The unique blend of natural ingredients includes:

Mango butter not only smells great, but it also contributes to the smooth and creamy texture of the formula.

Cocoa butter is known for its skin-softening properties, and helps to create a comfortable barrier between your horse's mouth and the bit.

Beeswax is an all-natural binder, beeswax ensures that all ingredients hold together smoothly while making sure they adhere well to the surfaces applied.

Vitamin E protects and soothes your horse's mouth tissue from irritation caused by metal bits.

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Between prevention and maintenance lies disease. In Ayurveda, the stage of active pathologies expressed as symptoms is referred to as a Vikriti (Phenotype). It represents the body's expression of all that is in unrest, such as skin diseases, recurrent respiratory issues, behavioral concerns, and perpetual ulcers.

A custom protocol is needed when there is an existing condition which is not responding to allopathic treatment or when there is a need for a more specific approach.