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Ayurvedic medicine provides a focused and corrective approach to respiratory health. Our Resp-eeze formulations are carefully curated to correspond with the specific physiological effects of each dosha, promoting a comprehensive respiratory well-being. Whether your horse is an athlete, a senior, or simply needs additional respiratory support, Resp-eeze offers a safe and effective solution for maintaining optimal respiratory function and overall well-being.

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Contains cooling herbs such as Manjhista and Sitopaladi Churna to combat asthma and allergic rhinitis, also preventing mast cell proliferation causing itchy hives.Lemongrass provides relief from hot lung infections clearing yellow mucus and Vasa is used to clear heat from the blood and inflammation from an allergic reaction.


Contains herbs with a warming and sweet action that counter the dry, cold and light qualities of vata. Vamsa nourishes and strengthens lung tissue and Vasa is a powerful bronchodilator. Clove and Licorice are used as demulcents in the lungs and to prevent spasmodic coughs.


Contains pungent and drying herbs to reduce the mucus and phlegm from the lungs, throat and sinuses.. Tulsi provides relief from labored breathing and increases lung capacity,clearing dampness. Punarnava aids in relieving chest congestion due to edema and is very beneficial in clearing the blood channels. Cardamom is an excellent expectorant for clearing mucus and supporting lung health.

All Of Our Herb Products Are

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100% Plant Based

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