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Sympath-R for geldings

Sympath-R for geldings

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Sympath-R is designed to provide superior neurosomatic support for processing anxieties related to environmental triggers. Developed for each constitution and their unique physical response to stress, Sympath-R is the answer to maintaining your horse's mind-body health.

These foundational Ayurvedic herbs balance the brain's neurochemistry, and support the parasympathetic nervous system's influence on the reticular activating system within the brain. This provides relief from tension and apprehension caused by environmental stress factors such as noise, travel and new situations.

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Focuses on cooling down the nervous system and reducing mental and physical agitation. This cooling and astringent formulation contains herbs like Gotu Kola and Peppermint leaf which support adrenal function and help combat stress. Shankhpushpi and Jatamansi are powerful nootropics that prevent neurodegeneration and support healthy brain function.


Provides a calming effect on the nervous system,herbs such as Bala and Dashmool which reduce muscle tension and stress from an increased sympathetic nervous response. Mucuna Pruriens which contains l-dopa, an essential precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine, is used to support coordination of proper body movements, learning, increasing motivation and regulating moods.


Focuses on supporting the tendencies to internalize emotions by using herbs such as Brahmi to protect the nervous system and enhance cognitive function including memory, attention and the ability to process visual stimuli. Shankhpushpi and Calamus are added to mitigate oxidative stress and modulate cerebral circulation.

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