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Tack Room Spray

Tack Room Spray

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Keep your barn lounges and tack rooms smelling clean and fresh! Our unique formula contains antibacterial ingredients that not only effectively eliminate odors from tack rooms but also work wonders on saddle pads.

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Our versatile Tack Room Spray doesn't stop there – it effortlessly takes the smell out of dog beds, completely removing even the most challenging scents, such as the harsh skunk smell. Our Tack Room Spray is all-natural, safe, and non-toxic, making it a reliable choice for use around your animals and throughout your barn. Revitalize your barn environment with our exceptional Tack Room Spray and enjoy a spotlessly clean and fresh aroma! Green apple scented

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Between prevention and maintenance lies disease. In Ayurveda, the stage of active pathologies expressed as symptoms is referred to as a Vikriti (Phenotype). It represents the body's expression of all that is in unrest, such as skin diseases, recurrent respiratory issues, behavioral concerns, and perpetual ulcers.

A custom protocol is needed when there is an existing condition which is not responding to allopathic treatment or when there is a need for a more specific approach.